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The Women of Artful program launched the first podcast the first week of August. This is a platform for Aboriginal women to tell their stories and express their views on, current issues and how they effect young indigenous women. You will hear about  the lifestyle joys and pitfalls from young Indigenous women living in a contemporary world and listen to our perspective of walking in two worlds  – white and black.

The girls will be recording the podcasts fortnightly and inviting guests to discuss relevant issues that impact all our lives especially in the current environment. The hosts of the podcast are Shenea Tipungwuti  from the Tiwi islands and Babylon Williams from Kakadu. They are boarding students at Haileybury Rendall school here in Darwin and for the first podcast they invited Margaret Lim, the founder of the Youth Mill to discuss why and how the Youth Mill started as well as the relevance of “The Women of Artful Flavours” program.

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