OUR Founder

Margaret Lim

Margaret Lim is an Australian social justice entrepreneur, entertainer and artistic director with a passion and commitment to improving the lives of marginalised and vulnerable groups.

Trained as a professional dancer she is an internationally recognised artistic director working with major international brands and dance companies in both Australia and Europe.

In 2012 Margaret founded ‘The Youth Mill’ a program development and facilitation service providing opportunities for disadvantaged  young people and is recognised for advocating employment pathways and opportunities for some of the most marginalised  young people within the juvenile justice system.

Working in the Northern Territory Margaret is honoured to work with a diverse range of  Aboriginal groups which has given her insight into Indigenous cultural processes such as language and culture that are normally passed on easily between generations but have been disrupted and broken by colonialism. She now works to assist in creating opportunities for young people to overcome these disruptive processes and to maintain the world’s oldest culture by supporting the continuance of the Indigenous cultural artistic movement.

Margaret remains committed to  addressing and supporting  the needs of our young people by creating platforms where they can explore  and expand on their cultural and linguistic heritage, embrace their identity and build on their pride, confidence and acceptance of who they are by telling their own stories.

‘and will continue to improve employment pathways and create opportunities for disadvantaged young people throughout the Northern Territory’.