Discover the journey of The Youth Mill Performing Arts Company (TYMPAC), where we empower young Indigenous artists by intertwining traditional heritage with contemporary expression.

Our story is one of inspiration, cultural celebration, and artistic development, fostering pride in identity through high-calibre performances and creative storytelling. Learn how TYMPAC is preserving ancient cultures and propelling them into the spotlight on national and international stages. Join us on our mission to support, showcase, and elevate the rich tapestry of Indigenous talent through the arts.

Our Story

The Youth Mill was established by CEO & Artistic Director Margaret Lim in 2012 to support and develop the talents of marginalised and disadvantaged young people.


Initial programs provided young people with a diverse range of pro-social, therapeutic, and up-skilling activities from creative arts and recreation to the development of practical skills and employment pathways. Programs were designed on an effective, aligned, sustainable, and scalable youth early intervention framework. A strong core component of The Youth Mill’s programming was based on soft diversionary tactics such as the utilising of the arts by creating a platform to encourage cultural engagement, expand on cultural heritage and build pride and acceptance in identity.

‘The Beats of Culture Music’ program was established in 2018, receiving federal funding under the Indigenous Language and Arts (ILA) department. This program evolved into high-standard contemporised cultural performances, musical and video production, and recordings. Demand for The Youth Mill performances has grown enormously and TYM now provides cultural performances locally, nationally, and internationally.The Youth Mill team is a highly sought-after small performance group providing performances for business conferences, promotional events and government forums on local and national stages with countless clients seeking our services.

In 2020, The Youth Mill established ‘The Women of Artful Flavours’ and in 2022, the ‘Cultural Music Performance and Production’ programs. Both programs have supported the development of well-produced performances and enabled the participants to write, record and produce original musical compositions and filmed show footage.  These creative and artistic accomplishments have generated revenue and consistent incomes for numerous participants involved with The Youth Mill.

The TYMAC programming will continue to focus on performance and professional development, social support and collaboration, and provide practical skills to assist with employment pathways


In 2023, The Youth Mill evolved into The Youth Mill Performing Arts Company – TYMPAC – as part of its expansion from its base in the Northern Territory into Queensland.

The Youth Mill Performing Arts Company has established relationships with arts organisations and traditional elders within the Northern Territory and Northern Queensland regions with the philosophy to merge and engage with other traditional mobs, increase the sharing of cultural knowledge, and grow the awareness for cultural maintenance with our young generations. The widening of the landscape for The Youth Mill Performing Arts Company will not only augment wider audiences but allow for further building on respect for the culture and wholistic programming that provides our young First Nations people with the support and skills they need to tell their stories through contemporary music and art forms. Enabling young emerging artists to showcase their talent, educate audiences about the world’s oldest culture, and continue the Indigenous cultural artistic movement.

Meet the TYMPAC Board

TYMPAC's Board consists of individuals with diverse skills and backgrounds. Each member contributes unique skills and perspectives to support TYMPAC's mission.