The Youth Mill provides cultural performances for many of the events  and conferences that are conducted in Darwin and virtual performances that reach national and international audiences. The  performances that are presented vary across a range of: corroboree, to more  contemporized cultural dance and we have further developed our performances to merge  with young classical musicians  to depict the  culturally diverse world we live in and importantly that we can and do walk 2 paths on these lands.

The performances we present are a platform that allows local young artists to showcase their extraordinary talents to a broader audience and to express and embrace there heritage, tell their stories and educate themselves and others about the depth, beauty and strength of their culture and the importance of maintaining one of the world’s oldest living cultures

I, as the founder of The Youth Mill am honoured to work with a diverse range of  Aboriginal groups who allow me as a white woman to  direct their talents and present performances that assists with cultural knowledge and importantly the continuance of the Indigenous cultural artistic movement. 

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If you are considering hosting an event in the Northern Territory our performances will momentarily immerse guests creating a spark of interest and  intrigue around the depth and beauty of this amazingly rich culture.

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