The Board

Administrative Director

Tim Powe

Tim is the administrative heart of the Youth Mill.

He can write an annual report, read a balance sheet and analyse a profit and loss statement. One part business director, one part entrepreneur and three parts lap swimmer. Tim specialises in strategic procurement, contract management, business development and project management. Tim has run his own environmental consultancy business, worked for large mining and resource companies and all tiers of government.

Business and financial Advisor.

Craig Allen

Craig advises the Youth Mill as practice principal in business and taxation.

With over 16 years’ experience as a former CPA Quality Assurance Reviewer when the Quality Assurance program was first introduced by CPA Australia, Craig was chosen to be part of the original intake of Reviewers. He was trained to apply the risk and quality standards to accounting practices and was a key person in the program’s architecture and design. All while running the practice.

Craig has served on the CPA Australia’s Board of Quality Review overseeing and improving the quality assurance program. During his time on the Board, he made significant contributions to its development and input into the Review process. Craig also served on the Victorian Public Practice Committee.

Cultural support and advocacy

Edwin Fejo

Edwin is a proud Larrakia person who has strong family and community values, he has a pivotal role with The Youth Mill as mentor and support person to many of the young participants. Edwin is a strong advocate for young Indigenous people, “his people”, he delivers wonderfully profound discourses and has the most beautiful singing voice that wakes the soul. Edwin is the braja (brother) of The Youth Mill team.

Cultural liaison person

Cynthia Jorrock

Cynthia Jorrock is a Mendheyangal woman who  was born and grew up on   Belyuen  community, she speaks several languages but Mendhe is he family language. Her father is a Mendheyangal man from Wadeye, Cape Scott and her mother is  Emmiyangal from Belyuen.  

Cynthia is very proud of her heritage and culture, has a strong sense of identity and pride and values  the importance of continuing the awareness, language and traditions for the coming generations.

With the sharing of her knowledge and innate composure, we are very fortunate to have Cynthia’s guidance and assistance in learning, understanding and developing a strong sense of cultural connection and traditions passed on through the generations.