Women of Artful Flavours (WAF) program

Women of Artful Flavours (WAF) program is an Indigenous language and arts program for young women aged 12-25 years that focuses on cultural continuance and connectedness utilising traditional music, dance, song, visual arts and on country activities. The Program is based on communities in the Batchelor and Daly River region  located 250km (2.5Hrs) from Darwin with weekly sessions being conducted at Charles Darwin University Casuarina campus, to service the urban located young women.

 The program is culturally relevant and adequately supported by women elders to encourage immersion activities based on cultural learning and maintenance ensuring appropriateness and wider community support. Participants in the program are encouraged to create a quality standard of activity being either performance or visual arts that eventuates into public performances and exhibitions within urban, rural and remote environments.

Program Objectives

  • Participants of the WAF  program will be encouraged and mentored to write, recite, sing, perform and record in their own language.
  • Participants of the program will be empowered to discuss and display many aspects related to the importance and relevance of cultural activity, inclusion and maintenance  as a young person in this millennium  this will be done through mediums such as podcasts, performances and visual art.
  • Participating in the WAF  program  young people get the opportunity to explore, connect, educate themselves and others and create opportunities for  our local young emerging artists to present their talents to a wider audience.

Women of Artful Flavours (WAF) Showcase ​

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