Employment Pathways program

The Youth Mill has established support networks with local businesses and industry to assist with training programs, work experience, internships and employment placement programs that will support the development of skill advancement for the young participants.

Program Objectives

  • provide skillset and training opportunities
    develop practical life and employment skills
  • instill self-reliance, accountability and responsibility
  • implement behaviour management
  • enhance social participation or reduce antisocial behaviour
  • deliver culturally relevant activities
  • Will support young people with resume writing
  • Assist with temporary and possible full-time employment opportunities
  • Liaise with work for the dole programming
  • Assist with community work orders.

Employment Pathways Program Showcase

Interested in Booking a Program?

Why not set up an assessment for your Organisation or Business where we can demonstrate our program outcomes of Australian Youth? We will invite you to one of our events where your will get to experience one of our Programs .

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