Cultural Music and Performance Production program (CMPPP)

The Youth Mill’s (TYM) ‘Cultural Music and Performance Production’ program focuses on the importance of cultural continuance and connectedness utilising contemporised traditional music, song & dance. Program participants merge traditional music and songs with classical musicians and others to express the culturally diverse world we live in whilst maintaining the importance of the continuance of the Indigenous cultural artistic movement. TYM participants have composed and performed several collaborative pieces with great success. The program participants are working toward establishing concert length performances allowing local young artists to present their talents to a wider audience, educating themselves and others and developing opportunities to expand on exploration of cultural and linguistic heritage, building on confidence and acceptance as individuals telling their stories of evolution into the 21st century. 

The program is open to those in the Top End with regular (weekly) rehearsal sessions held at Charles Darwin university. Program participants provide performances at many events throughout the year and an annual concert where participants can be involved in all aspects from the concept, back and front of house and performances.

Program structure

  • weekly learning and rehearsal program
  • supported by Elders to guide and oversee cultural appropriateness
  • collaborations with composers and other musicians.
  • Major and minor performances scheduled throughout the year across the top end including urban and remote communities
  • mentorship in the development of skills to create, produce and record contemporary music forms with lyrics written in their own indigenous language.

Program Objectives

  • Program activities capture and preserve Indigenous Languages
  • facilitate active participation by the community in Indigenous language teaching and learning activities
  • support new and innovative forms of Indigenous expression through art 
  • develop, produce, present, exhibit & perform a diverse range of traditional and contemporary Indigenous art forms
  • contribute to the Australian Government’s priorities and outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, including those of the National Agreement on Closing the Gap and the International Decade of Indigenous Languages (2022-2032)

CMPPP Session Schedule

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