Beats of Culture (BoC) Program

The Beats of culture (BoC) Music program focuses on the preservation of culture and language. BoC Music program supports both young Aboriginal and non Aboriginal people to explore, their cultural and linguistic heritage by telling their own stories through contemporary music and art forms. Whilst based at CDU in Darwin, BoC Music is also a travelling cultural learning and performance program providing and sharing opportunities and interactive informative entertainment to communities in the top end of the Northern Territory.

Program Objectives

  • Encourages cultural engagement through music for at–risk Aboriginal youth.
  • Beats of culture music program provides a platform to expand on cultural heritage.
  • Preserves, consolidates and expands existing indigenous language and literacy skills – many of the participants will speak English as their second or third language.
  • Builds pride and acceptance in identity.
  • Has the potential to incorporate art and dance within the music context.

BoC Session Schedule

Community Workshops

Nauiyu Community Workshop

 BoC Music provides weekend workshops on remote communities to assist with beneficial activities. This entails basic production and recording and the encouragement of original music and song in language with the focus on development of cultural generational maintenance.

Beats of Culture(BoC) Showcase

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