Our Programs For Youth

Employment Pathways Program

We have established networks of local Northern Territory businesses who assist with training, work experience, internships and employment pathways supporting the development of skills advancement of Australian youth.

Beats of Culture (BoC) Program

Our programs focus on the preservation of culture and language by supporting both young Aboriginal and non Aboriginal children to explore their cultural heritage by telling stories through contemporary music and other art forms.

Women of Artful Flavours (WAF)

Women of Artful Flavours (WAF) program is an Indigenous language and arts program for young women aged 12-25 years that focuses on cultural continuance and connectedness utilising traditional music, dance, song, visual arts and on country activities.

Cultural Music and Performance Production program (CMPPP)

The Youth Mill’s (TYM) ‘Cultural Music and Performance Production’ program focuses on the importance of cultural continuance and connectedness utilising contemporised traditional music, song & dance.

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