Providing education, employment and cultural awareness programs for Australia’s disadvantaged young people.

The Youth Mill is an organisation passionate about celebrating the 70,000 years of cultural identity of the the First Nations People.

Our programs are delivered with the utmost integrity and respect for the traditional owners of Australia.

The Organisation

The Youth Mill

The Youth Mill is a program development and facilitation service that provides young people with a diverse range of pro-social, therapeutic, up-skilling activities from creative arts and recreation to the development of practical skills and employment pathways.

The Youth Mill programs are designed on a youth early intervention framework that is effective, aligned, sustainable and scalable.

A strong core component of The Youth Mill’s programming is based on soft diversionary tactics such as the utilisation of the arts by creating a platform to encourage cultural engagement, expand on cultural heritage and build pride and acceptance in identity.

We create platforms for learning and development of understanding through education, employment and cultural awareness in the Northern Territory, Australia.

The Youth Mill program scheduling provides assistance with employment opportunities by creating interactive programs that develop the knowledge, practical work skills and attitudes to manage their lives effective, and begin to redress the impact of risk factors.

The Youth Mill engages with, local government agencies, and the not-for-profit community sector and has established support networks with local businesses and industries to better work together to improve outcomes for young people with complex needs through the planning and delivery of community services. In doing so it provides evidence that contributes to government strategy and policy.

The Youth Mill provides performances for events through both the ‘Beats of Culture’ music (BoC Music) and Women of Artful Flavours (WAF) arts programs which focus on the preservation of culture and language. The BoC Music and WAF art programs support young Aboriginal people to explore, their cultural and linguistic heritage by telling their own stories through contemporary music, performance and visual art forms.

Normally, both language and culture are passed on easily between generations, but for most Aboriginal people, such processes have been disrupted and broken by colonialism. By participating in the Beat’s of Culture & Women of Artful Flavour music, performance and arts programs our young people both Indigenous and non-Indigenous get the opportunity to explore, connect, educate themselves and others and create opportunities for our local young emerging artists to present their talents to a wider audience.

The Youth Mill is honoured to work with a diverse range of Aboriginal groups and to assist in creating opportunities for young people to overcome disruptive processes and to maintain the world’s oldest culture by supporting the continuance of the Indigenous cultural artistic movement.

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